Have you always craved beautiful gorgeous lashes!

Why not treat yourself to a luxurious treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions are taking the Beauty Industry by storm.  They are great for any special occasion, weddings, parties or even as a treat for yourself to give you an instant glamorous, sexy look!

Eyelash extensions have become a favourite of many celebrities including Cheryl Cole to Victoria Beckham. 

YOU can now have the beautiful lashes you've always dreamt of . . . . 

  • Add thickness and length to your own eyelashes.
  • They look so fantastic because they are applied one lash at a time, 30 to 100 applied to each eye
  • No need to wear mascara
  • Suitable for people of all ages
  • Full glam or a natural look, the choice is yours, every set is individual to you
  • They feel completely comfortable and weightless

Semi permanent lashes are specially designed for permanent use which means that your eyes will look totally gorgeous every day and night!

Eyelash extensions can last up to 4 weeks (depending on the growth cycle of your natural lash) and with regular maintenance every 2 to 4 weeks, you can have permanent eyelash extensions 24/7.  Eyelash extensions provide a fuller, thicker look to your natural eyelashes resulting in a beautifully enhanced appearance.

If you would like eyelash extensions for a one off occasion, they can be painlessly removed by a qualified technician.

My prices are extremely competitive and you can be confident that my work is of the highest standard.


The procedure

Every client will receive a patch test and go through a consultation to discuss what kind of look you would like to achieve.

The delicate procedure is totally painless and involves attaching between 30 and 100 individual lashes to your own natural lashes.

There are many different shapes, lengths and thicknesses of eyelash extensions, so even for people that have lashes that are straight or slope downwards can achieve the look of individual lashes that have a natural curl without the need of eyelash perming.

The end result can be a natural, fuller, longer and beautiful look.

  A patch test is required at least 24 hours prior to any eyelash treatment at which time I will carry out a consultation which will take around 15 minutes.

If you do not have naturally black eyelashes you may need your eyelashes tinted prior to having eyelash extensions done

Please note:  individual lashes are attached to your own natural lash, one by one, therefore the look we can achieve partly depends on your existing lashes.  It is sometimes possible that individual eyelash extensions cannot be applied due to the lack of existing lashes.

To qualify for infills, you are required to have 50% of your existing lashes remaining otherwise the cost of a natural set will apply.  

All sets includes patch test, consultation, priming and sealing of lashes

Glamour set - £55

Natural set - £45

Flicks (applied to corners only) - £35

Infills (recommended every 2 to 3 weeks) - £20 - £30 (Dependent on time/amount being replaced)

Swarovski Crystals applied to corners - £5 extra (for both eyes)

Professional removal - £15 (free if having a new set) 

Express Lashes - £35 (includes removal)

If you don't want to commit to Semi permanent lashes, Express lashes are the perfect choice.  They last upto 3 weeks at which time professional removal is essential.  The application takes around 40 minutes.

Cluster Lashes and Party/Strip Lashes also available.

Eyelash Tinting - £13

Eyebrow tinting - £8

Eyelash/eyebrow tinting - £17

Eyebrow shaping/tidy - £8

Eyebrow tint & shaping - £14

A minimum treatment charge of £20 applies to areas within a 10 mile radius of Didcot.

  A minimum treatment charge of £25 applies to areas outside a 10 mile radius of Didcot. 

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